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"N.Flying, Korean rookie band, Flies to the Dream"

                                          —- originally posted on February 21, 2014

A rookie band N.Flying from FNC Entertainment, which FTISLAND and CNBLUE belongs to, topped Tower Records World Chart with their second single titled One and Only. They started their carrier in Japan for music training and took opening performance at concerts of their label mate FTISLAND and CNBLUE. They expressed their impression of Japanese activity and their goals.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Kwon KwangJin: I’m Kwon KwangJin, 23 years old (Korean age). I’m in charge of bass.

Cha Hun: Hello, I’m guitarist, Cha Hun.

Lee SeungHyub: Hello. I’m Lee SeungHyub, in charge of rap and vocal.

Kim JaeHyun: Hello! I’m Kim JaeHyun, in charge of drums and background chorus!

Q. In 2013 Autumn, why did you start live activity in Japan? Also, tell us what you learned in Japan’s live shows if any.

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JS: (At the center of the stage) Thank you. (At JH side) Thank you. (At JS side) Thank you~! 

YH: Thank you for encore! Today, you are hyper, too.

JS: Agepoyo ^^
(a comedian’s gag - meaning excited / high. someone please let him know that it’s already out of date and sounded a little bit dirty >< lol)

YH: At live show, it is always like this - (only after) you guys become hyper, we (can) be more hyper. And, at live show, it’s not only us. But we make it together with you everybody. At Zepp, we are close to you, so we can become hyper faster. Zepp is always fun. Thank you. Second floor too! Do you have fun? Yeah! Yeahhhh! 

JS: You’re awesome, everybody ^^

YH: (without mic) Yeahhh!

YH: Hey, ladies!

Female boice: Yeah!

YH: Hey, gentlemen!

Male boice: Yeah!

YH: There were all ladies back then, but nowadays… Gentlemen!!

Male boice & MH: Yeahh!

YH: I don’t care which (gender), though. But, live show is really fun because there are you everybody. Thank you. Although I told this yesterday, but before, like Cyclone, 

JS: Deseo, at Shibuya.

YH: … and like Deseo, we performed at small venues at opening (of the show). At first, the very first live show at club, seven…

JS: My first live was at Deseo.

YH: Oh yes. As for the first live at club, it was about seven audience. Now, the venue becomes really big. My heart is too full for words. Back then, we…

JH: (Stand up and go to the mic) The first time was four people.

YH: Okay. We wondered when we would do at Zepp. Now, I’m glad every time I perform at Zepp. Thank you. 
Next song is, before at Shinjuku station… Yoyogi Park… Harajuku station. No, we cannot at Harajuku station. kk We sang this song there. I really miss that time. 

JS: (nod)

YH: But now, I feel better than that time.

JS: Of course. 

YH: Thank you. Next song.. Jonghyun? With the feeling of Yoyogi Park. When we saw the First Gymnasium. 
(da-i i-chi ta-i-i-ku-kan, 第一体育館: First Gymnasium. Yoyogi FIrst Gymnasium is the venue of there ‘Here, in my head’ live concert.)

JH: Yoyogi Park is also dangerous. 

YH: Oh, is it? 

JH: Yes, kk  Because it’s close to Harajuku. If possible, Shi..Shinjuku? 

YH: Shinjuku? At Shinjuku station? 

JH: I think Shinjuku is the safest. 

JS: Shinjuku station is probably safe. 

YH: Ah, Shinjuku station is the safest. Then, we will sing with the feeling of Shinjuku station. Thank you again. Next song, Teardrops in the rain.

Encore-1 Teardrops in the rain

YH: Thank you. 

JS: Yes, the last song is coming. 

Boice: No~!
(ya-da, やだ: No, hate something)

JS: Me too! kk No, I don’t want to end, either. As for Tokyo, it’s the last. On the day after tomorrow, there’s Summer Sonic. Please come if you have time, everybody. 

YH: Let’s go! As for Summer Sonic, we went there in 2009. We watched at the very front. Now we are invited and I feel strange..? But, I feel really good. At Summer Sonic, We will show you CNBLUE. We’re ready. Please come and cheer us if you have time. We will work hard to the end of the tour. Thank you for today. Next song, Jonghyun composed it ~ What song~? Please explain~♪ (playing the guitar)

JH: You are playing it. That song. 

YH: What about melody? What…

JH: hehe

YH: With what feeling…

JH: Eh, what feeling. No, not feeling.

(Maybe Boice said fighting or something)

JH: I’m trying hard. haha Not really feeling.. Last year. What? Last year, while I was doing tour, I wrote the song.

(Boice: Niigata!)

JH: Why do you know!? Eh!? Did I say that? Oh.. I see.

JS: Honey~
(a-na-ta, あなた: you - mainly used when a wife calls her husband)

YH: It’s always the same. At Niigata. 

JH: At Niigata, I wrote it. A shooting star at Niigata? Somehow, because hotel was boring at Niigata. If you stay at hotel, you’ll be boring. So, I went to sea and looked up at Niigata sea. Suddenly, a shooting star fell like “Baaan”. Then, I felt “Wow, this feeling is perfect” and wrote the song soon, going back (to hotel). Because this is the feeling that you everybody gave me, I feel like to sing together. Yes. So, please sing together. In a loud voice, please. You everybody are, probably… I’m not sure if compared to me, but I think you are better than Jungshin in singing. 

JS: In my opinion, they are better than you.

JH: Are they? Sorry. hehe Anyway, please sing together. In a loud voice.

YH: Thank you for today. 

JS: Thank you. 

YH: Please listen.

Encore-2 Starlit Night

YH: Thank you. Really, always, always thank you. Today, by watching our live show and listening to the music, please receive good feeling from us. Thank you. We will think of your voice of today to Osaka and always, we will be hardworking. Thank you. Jungshin! 

JS: Yes?

YH: What about your feeling today? 

JS: Perfect! Now, your hands are like flowers. Thank you.

YH: Minhyuk?

MH: Yeahhh! Ah, today is really perfect. Thanks to you everybody, we really had a blast. Thank you.

YH: Jonghyun?

JH: Thank you. At the end of the end, let’s sing together. Please in a loud voice. 

YH: Second floor, too! Thank you! 

JH: Lastly! 

(sing together)

YH: Thank you very much! We will be back.

JS: Definitely.

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JS: (ステージ中央で)ありがとうございます。(JH側で)アンコールありがとうございます。(JS側で)ありがとうございまーす!

YH: アンコールありがとう!みんなも今日は本当にテンション、すごいですね。

JS: あげぽよー^^

YH: ライブはいつも、みんながテンションが上がって、僕たちがもっと上がります。それで、ライブは、僕たちだけじゃない。みなさんと一緒に作ります。Zeppはみなさんと近いですから、もっと早くの時間で上がりますね。いつもZeppは楽しいです。ありがとうございます。2階も!楽しいですか?イエーイ!イエ―――イ!

JS: すごいですね、みなさん^^

YH: (マイクなしで)イエーイ!

YH: Hey, ladies!

女性ファン: イエーイ!

YH: Hey, gentlemen!

男性ファン: イエーイ!

YH: 昔は全部Ladyだったんですけど、最近… Gentlemen!!

男性ファン&MH: イエーイ!

YH: どっちでもいいですけどねw でも、みなさんがいるから、ライブは本当に楽しいです。ありがとうございます。
昨日も言ったんですけど、昔はサイクロンとか、(JS: DESEO、渋谷の。)DESEOとか、小さいところでオープニングでライブをやったんですけど。最初、初めてのライブ…クラブライブは…なな…

JS: 僕はDESEOですね。

YH: あ、そうですね。初めてのライブは、クラブでのライブは、7人…?くらいだったんですけど、今は本当に大きいになって、感無量です。昔は、あ~僕たちは…

JH: (立ち上がってマイクまで行って)最初、4人です。

YH: はい。いつZeppやるか、思ったんですけど。もう今は、Zeppいつもやって嬉しいです。ありがとうございます。
次の曲は、なんか昔、原宿駅で…代々木公園で…原宿駅で。原宿駅はだめですねw で、歌った曲です。そのときは…本当になつかしいですね。

JS: (うなずく)

YH: でも今はその時より、気持ちいいです。

JS: もちろんです。

YH: ありがとうございます。次の曲…ジョンヒョン?代々木公園の感じで。第一体育館見たとき。

JH: 代々木公園も危ないんです。

YH: あ、そうですか?

JH: はいw 原宿と近いから。できたら、し…新宿?

YH: 新宿?新宿駅で?

JH: 新宿が一番安全だと思います。

JS: 新宿駅がたぶん安全。

YH: あ、新宿駅が一番安全ですね。で、新宿駅の感じで歌います。改め(て)、ありがとうございます。次の曲、Teardrops in the rain.

Encore-1 Teardrops in the rain

YH: ありがとうございます。

JS: はい、そろそろ最後の曲ですね。

ファン: やだー!

JS: 僕もやだー!w はい、僕もいやだです。東京も、最後ですね。あさってSummer Sonicがありますね。時間があったら来てください。みなさん。

YH: 行くぜ!Summer Sonicは、2009年に行ったんですけど、そのとき一番前でアーティストさんを見たんですけど。今呼んでくれて、なんか気持ちが変…?ですけど、本当いいですね。Summer SonicでCNBLUEをWe will show you. We’re ready. みなさんが時間があったら来て、応援よろしくお願いします。ツアー最後まで頑張ります。今日はありがとうございます。次の曲が、ジョンヒョンが作曲したんですけど~何の曲~?説明お願い~♪

JH: 今やってるんじゃないですか。その曲です。

YH: メロディーは?何の…

JH: w

YH: 何の気持ちで…

JH: えー、どんな気持ち。いや、気持ちっていうか。(ファン: がんばって~(?)) 頑張っていますw 気持ちっていうかw 去年。なんだろう、去年、ツアーをやりながら、作った曲なんですけど。(ファン: 新潟!)何で知ってますか!?えっ!? 僕が言いました?あっ…そういうことか。

JS: あなた~

YH: いつもと同じですね。新潟で。

JH: 新潟で、作って。なんか新潟の流れ星?なんか、新潟で、なんかホテルにつまんないから。ホテルにずっといたら、つまんないんですよ。それで、なんか海にちょっと行ったんですけど、新潟の海でなんか上を見たんですが、急に流れ星がばーんと流れて。それでなんか、いやあ~これ、この気持ち最高だなあと思って、すぐ書いちゃったんですね。帰って。それで、なんか…みなさんにもらった気持ちだから、一緒に歌ってみたいなあとおもって。はい。だから、一緒に歌ってください。大きい声でお願いします。みなさんが多分…僕よりはまだわかんないんですけど、ジョンシンよりうまいと思います、歌。

JS: 僕の考えで、あなたより上手だと。

JH: そうですか?ごめんなさいw そういうことで、お願いします。一緒に歌ってください。大きい声で。

YH: 今日、ありがとうございました。

JS: ありがとうございました。

YH: 聴いてください。

Encore-2 Starlit Night

YH: ありがとう。本当にいつもいつも、ありがとうございます。今日ライブを見て、音楽を聴いて、なんか僕たちからいい気持ちをもらってください。ありがとうございます。

JS: はい?

YH: 今日の気持ちは?

JS: 最高でした!みなさんの、今!みなさんの手が、花みたいですね。ありがとうございます。

YH: ミニョク~

MH: イエーーーイ!ああ、本当に今日最高でしたね。みなさんのおかげで、本当に僕たちも盛り上げ…盛り上がりました。ありがとうございます。

YH: ジョンヒョンは?

JH: ありがとうございました。最後の最後に、一緒に歌ってみましょうか。大きい声でお願いします。

YH: 2階も!ありがとう!

JH: 最後に!


YH: 本当にありがとう!また来ます。

JS: 絶対。

This is based on the broadcast by TBS Channel.

Italic is my little Japanese tutorial - if you know some words that the boys often use, you may be able to guess what they are talking xD


YH: Are you ready? Let’s go! I’m searching where you are
(jum-bi, 準備: ready, preparation)
(jumbi-(wa/ga)-ii: be ready)

1 Where you are (English version)

2 In My Head

3 Time is over

YH: Tokyo~! Let’s go crazy, everybody. Konnichiwa (hello), we are CNBLUE.

JS: Thank you very much for many people coming. 

YH: We are the best band in the world, CNBLUE.

JS: Both on the first floor and the second floor, please have fun to the end. Are you ready, everybody?

YH: Minhyuk, are you ready? 

MH: Of course!
(mo-chi-ron, もちろん: of course)

4 Let’s go crazy

YH: Again! We are CNBLUE! Thank you. … Hot! Tokyo is hot as expected. 
(a-tsu-i, 暑い/熱い: hot)

JS: (pointing at YH) Always hot.
(i-tsu-mo, いつも: always, usually)

YH: Not outdoors, but on stage. It’s really hot. 

JS: Outdoors is also hot today.

YH: All thanks to you everybody. If it’s hot, you will feel better after the show ends, right? 

JS: Yes, yes.

MH: Of course!

YH: And so, you too. It’s hot and you’ll get excited, and after it ends, please go sleep soon. Tomorrow… isn’t it work day tomorrow, everybody. Work.

JS: Work, right.

YH: Ah~ Tomorrow is a rest. Take a rest! No no no. Today, let’s get a blast to the end. Thank you.
(mo-ri-a-ga[-ru], 盛り上が[る]: get excited, have a blast, enjoy)

JS: Ah, and. Anyone coming to Summer Sonic? There are many. 

MH: Yeah!

YH(?): Thank you.

YH: Minhyuk…

JS: Minhyuk, your hair is awesome. Pretty.
(su-go-i, すごい: awesome, great)

MH: Yes, I had a haircut. 

JS: I want to do Minhyuk’s style, too. 

MH: Yes, I had a haircut. Thank you. Somehow, as I had a haircut, Jungshin and Yonghwa-oniisan really…
(oni-i-san, お兄さん: big brother, hyung/oppa)

JS: We envy him.

MH: (They) envy me. I feel really good^^

JS: That was a joke. 
(jou-dan, 冗談: joke)

MH: Oh, was it? Yonghwa-oniisan said..

YH: Oh, that’s really just a flattery. (Minhyuk) is cool, right. 
(o-se-ji, お世辞: flattery, compliment, kissing up to somebody)

MH: Okay.

YH: Good. 

MH: Yonghwa-oniisan (said), I looked like a student before, but as I had a haircut, somehow

YH: (he looks) like a celeb.

MH: (I look) like a celeb(, he said).

YH: It’s stylish.
(o-sha-re, おしゃれ: fashionable, stylish)

MH: Thank you ^^; 

YH: Yes, thank you. It’s already the last day at Tokyo. It’s sad. I want to do like forever, though.

Boice: I want to do~!!
(ya-ri-ta-i, やりたい: want to do)

YH: What do you want to do? kk
(na-ni, 何: what)

JS: Ah, rest? kk

YH: Osaka.. Osaka is the last day of Zepp Tour. I want to receive your passion and bring it to the last. 

5 Eclipse

6 Blind Love

JH: Only several songs are left. Please listen and have fun to the end! 
(yo-ro-shi-ku o-ne-ga-i shi-ma-su, よろしくお願いします: please play your role nicely - also translated to Thank you in advance, Nice to meet you etc. depending on the situation. Audience’s role here should be to listen to the music and have fun!^^)

JS: Do you have fun, everybody?!
(ta-no-shi-i, 楽しい: fun)

YH: T-O-K-Y-O! Everybody at Tokyo! More than before, from now, let’s have a blast with much louder voice! Tokyo, are you ready? More, more, ready?! Next song, let’s go. From now is the real CNBLUE. Let’s go. Thank you. Next song, I’m a robot! Make some noise everybody!

7 Robot

YH: Let’s go to play! Everybody, coffee shop! Put your hands in the air! Coffee shop Make some noise everybody!

8 Coffee Shop

(during Coffee Shop) 

YH: Is it fun!?

JS: Fun! 

YH: More! Is it fun?! Tokyo, are you ready!? 

9 I’m Sorry

YH: Last song! You’re my lady!!
(sa-i-go, 最後: last)
(kyo-ku, 曲: song)

10 Lady

YH: You’re my lady! You’re my lady! Thank you!

JS: Thank you!

(continues to the second part. please take out with proper credit. thank you ^^)


YH: 準備はいいですか?いくぜ!I’m searching where you are

1 Where you are (English version)

2 In My Head

3 Time is over

YH: 東京~! Let’s go crazy, everybody. こんにちは、CNBLUEです。

JS: たくさん来てくれて本当にありがとうございます。

YH: 世界の中で一番バンド、CNBLUEです。

JS: 1階も2階も最後まで楽しんでください。みんな準備はいいですか?

YH: MHいいですか?

MH: もちろーん!

4 Let’s go crazy

YH: 改めまして!CNBLUEです!ありがとう。あつい!やっぱり東京はあつい。

JS: (YHを指して)いつも暑いですね。

YH: 外じゃなくて、ステージで、本当に暑い。

JS: 外も暑いんですよ、今日。

YH: 全部みなさんのおかげです。あついの方が、なんかライブ終わって気持ちいいじゃないですか。

JS: はい、はい。

MH: もちろんですよ

YH: それでみんなも、あついで盛り上がって、終わってすぐ寝てください。もう明日、明日…仕事じゃないですか、みなさん。仕事!

JS: 仕事だね。

YH: あ~!明日は、休憩。休憩する!だめだめだめ。今日最後まで盛り上がりましょう。ありがとうございます。

JS: あ、そして。Summer Sonic来る人~?いっぱいありますね。

MH: いえーーーい!

YH(?): ありがとうございます。

YH: ミニョクw

JS: ミニョク、髪すごいですね。きれいです。

MH: はい、髪切りました。

JS: 僕もミニョクのスタイルやりたい。

MH: はい、髪切りましたね。ありがとうございます。なんか、髪切って、ジョンシンとヨンファお兄さんが、本当になんか

JS: うらやましい

MH: うらやましくて。本当気持ちいいです^^

JS: それは冗談でした。

MH: あ、そうですか。ヨンファお兄さんが、

YH: あ、本当にお世辞です。(ミニョクが)かっこいいですね。

MH: あ、そう。

YH: いいじゃん。

MH: ヨンファお兄さんが、前には何か(僕が)学生みたいだったんですけど、髪切ってなんか

YH: 芸能人みたい

MH: 芸能人みたい(と言いました)。

YH: おしゃれですね、おしゃれ。

MH: ありがとうございますw

YH: はい、ありがとうございました。もう、東京の最後の日ですけど、寂しいですね。ずっとやりたいですけど。

ファン: やりたーい!

YH: 何をやりたいですかw

JS: あ、休憩?w

YH: 大阪が…Zepp Tourが、大阪が最後の日ですけど、最後までみなさんの気合いをもらっていきたいと思います。

5 Eclipse

6 Blind Love

JH: あと最後に何曲(か)ですけど、最後までよろしくお願いします!

JS: 楽しいですか、みなさん!

YH: T-O-K-Y-O!東京のみなさん!これまでより、これからもっと、もっと大きい声で盛り上がりましょう。東京、準備はいいですか?もっともっといいですか!?次の曲、行きましょう。これからは本当にCNBLUEです。行きましょう。ありがとう。次の曲I’m a robot! Make some noise everybody!

7 Robot

YH: 遊びに行こう!Everybody, coffee shop! Put your hands in the air! Coffee shop Make some noise everybody!

8 Coffee Shop

(Coffee Shop中) 

YH: 楽しいですか?

JS: 楽しいです。

YH: もっと!楽しいですかー!?東京、準備はいいですか!

9 I’m Sorry

YH: 最後の曲です!You’re my lady!!

10 Lady

YH: You’re my lady! You’re my lady! ありがとう!

JS: ありがとうございます!

[Trans] Oonari Ryousuke writing about his memory with CNBLUE

(He is a Japanese musician and he met CNBLUE during their Japan indie period.)

This photo is of 5 years ago. (* maybe it’s 4 years ago, in 2009.)

CNBLUEと対バンした時のです。 いやぁ、懐かしい。
When I performed at the same show as CNBLUE. Oh, it brings back memories.

僕は、ギタリストでサポートで出て、 彼らは、バンド。
I was supporting (a band) as a guitarist. They are a band.

They talked to me, You’re good at guitar!, then we talked together in broken languages.

(I said) you are good at singing! haha

At that time, audience was about 10 or 20 people, as long as I remember, there were very few.

I still keep several photos with them.

Saying ‘Let’s do street live together’, we swapped contact address, but we couldn’t communicate in Japanese well, we couldn’t make it.

I heard a rumor that they were doing at Shinjuku, though (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

It’s been a long time, I wanna see them. Again at a same stage together!!

source: Oonari Ryousuke’s blog

[Rough Trans] LUNAFLY interview in Japan by Josei Jisin Web

source: Lunafly interview in Japan_121201 by Aziaddicted

Read More

What are you into now?

Lee Jong Hyun (Guitar&Vocal): Practice of performance, Snowboard

Lately we have some concerts, so I practice performance. We just ended concerts in Korea, and we are going to hold release event (in Japan) (as of 23 December 2012). We are preparing to unveil new songs live, too. As for my private time, I’m into snowboard now. I didn’t like it very much. I just started and don’t know well yet, though… Now it is a hobby of all of us members. I want to become skilled soon, so I want to go buy a good set (of tools).

Kang Min Hyuk (Drums): Snowboard, Drum pad

I guess all of us are the same because we live together, but I’m into snowboard now. YongHwa-oniisan has done snowboard for a long time, and he’s great at it. Because he taught us, I came to like it. In 2012, we went snowboarding on 1 January all together, but we have never been there since that time. Other than that, I’m learning drum pad that I used at BLUE NIGHT concert in Korea. Although I practice, it’s difficult… I have already learned how to use the instrument, but I’m not sure where I should use it in songs… It is difficult.

Jung Yong Hwa (Guitar&Vocal): Anime “The Simpsons”, Drama “The Walking Dead”

Although I have liked animation “The Simpsons” for a long time, but it is still aired now. I found it by chance and started watching, and now I’m into it again. One story per broadcast. The story is so unique and I can hardly understand. I found it funny because of that. Also, I’m fond of zombie drama “The Walking Dead”. It is higher quality than zombie movies and very funny. Since MinHyuk recommended it to me, I started watching.

— The 4th single “Robot” is written and composed by YongHwa, it’s a song that let you feel another CNBLUE’s color.

YH: Most of my songs are positive, but this song is cynical unlike usual. When I got holidays in April, I thought I was a robot because I had only one body but I had many things to do. From that, I made melody and arrangement, and finished it at once.

— How long was it?

YH: I finished in about a single day.

MH: When YongHwa let me hear the song first, I thought it was a very cool song. More than anything, a word “robot” was strongly left in my ears.

YH: The one who did the best reaction among us was JungShin, but unfortunately he isn’t here today due to drama filming.

— Oh, you must be feeling lonely.

YH: (Immediately) I don’t feel lonely (laugh). I don’t feel lonely at all because there is MinHyuk here today. At the last interview, there were only two, JongHyun and me, but today there are three.

JH: But, actually I wish there were four members. CNBLUE is CNBLUE as four!

YH: Nope, JungShin is an actor (laugh).

— This is the other side of loneliness.

MH: Yes, you’re right. Because YongHwa really likes JungShin a lot.

YH: No, not true (laugh). And, in this song, the lyrics describe trouble of people nowadays that they can’t realize their dreams even though their lives are their own.

— The sound itself has a good beat, but when you listen thoroughly, the song makes you think.

MH: Maybe you could say the sound is like robot. It’s a rhythm that there were not among our music. I have a lot of fun with playing the song.

JH: Another exciting song at live concert was born!

— By the way, if you make a robot, what kind of robot do you like?

YH: Massage robot.

MH: I like it too. Actually I have had sore muscles for a long time, so I want it now!

JH: I want a copied robot from me. When I’m tired, I would give way to the copied person (laugh).

— Then, can JongHyun’s copy be interviewed?

JH: Of course (laugh). If it’s possible, copy person would work except live performance…(laugh)

— We would start with asking “are you copy or real today?”

JH: I was kidding (laugh).

YH: But I don’t like copied person. Massage robot is necessary!

— CNBLUE’s 2012 year became a year of progress. For you guys, how was it like? Please look back on your year in accordance with “ki(glad) do(angry) ai(sad/lonely) raku(fun/comfortable)”.

YH: First, “glad” is that I could hold many concerts. There is no “angry”. “Sad” is when I stayed home alone during holidays. “Fun” is always, now, this moment…

JH: Cool! This is YongHwa!

YH: …that is my desire. I want to think like that (laugh). Of course I sometimes have a hard time, but when I do live, everything is gone and it becomes “fun”!

— How about you, MinHyuk?

MH: “Glad” is when the four members are together. There is no “angry” for me, either. There is almost no “sad”. “Fun” is still when I do live.

— How about you, JongHyun?

JH: “Glad” is when I’m on live stage. As for “angry,” I would say no angry even if there was (laugh). “Sad” when I’m too busy and I don’t have much time to practice well. “Fun” is, me too, when I do live.

— As expected, Live band CNBLUE! All of you have common in “fun”=live.

JH: To be honest, while I’m performing live, I don’t have memory at that moment. I have many things to do, so I’m totally busy (laugh). In a sense, I realize the pleasure at once when I leave the stage. Also, when I head for encore stage, it is exciting that fans’ voice gets louder (to hear). Then, when I stand on stage, I become absorbed with playing again (laugh). After the concert, even after I come home, a comfortable feeling of live remains. I sleep with that feeling.

MH: Happiness remains for a while.

YH: Arena Tour Live DVD will be released in March 2012, so I’d like those who came to enjoy remembering the excitement, and it would be grateful if those who unfortunately couldn’t come watch the DVD and feel CNBLUE live’s “fun”!

— By the way, the New Year reminds of “Otoshidama,” the New Year gift money (kids receive from relatives or adults around them on New Year holidays) (laugh). Any impressive thing that you bought with Otoshidama?

YH: I bought clothes and something. But I saved the money properly, too.

MH: I also saved almost all.

JH: Great! I used all (laugh). But in fact, as my relatives was living abroad, the amount I got was small in the first place. So, I was so envious that friends around me got a lot.

YH: After all, I spent all the money that I saved with Otoshidama when I came to Seoul.

— It rather made the way to CNBLUE. Would JungShin save or use it soon?

YH: He would save it.

— By the way, there are many musicians who spend a lot of money for instruments and equipment.

JH: That’s exactly me (laugh). I haven’t thought it’s a waste as long as it’s related to music. The more expensive it is, the more it motivates me.

YH: When I crush on a guitar, I buy it without caring about the price.

— How many (guitars) do you have now?

YH: I have 7 or 8.

JH: I have more than 10.

MH: Because I’m a drummer, I have 1 drum set. I have 3 snare drums, too.

— Lastly, please tell us your impression looking back on 2012 and your desire on 2013.

MH: In 2012, we held many live concerts. Through those concerts, I got a sense of self-composure little by little.

— Wasn’t it hard when you do acting and band activities at the same time?

MH: To be honest, I was okay, but I was sometimes worried about JungShin because it was his first drama. But he is working so hard.

JH: JungShin looked matured for the first time (laugh).

YH: This year (2012) I could concentrate on music activity and I wrote many songs. I could absorb various things as an artist. Next year (2013), I want to use what I absorbed to grow more as an artist, and I also want to hold a lot of concerts.

JH: This year was a no-regrets year, so next year I will keep this pace and work hard!

MH: In 2013, YongHwa is Man of Year (a man who was born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac as the current year).

YH: Because I’m a snake man who was born in Year of the Snakes (laugh).

MH: So, I think in this year we will be more promising in many ways!

YH: Soon after the New Year, on 14 January, we will be releasing an album in Korea. Please keep giving your attention to CNBLUE in 2013!

translated by tamagocnbjnl

[Trans] CNBLUE Pati-Pati (Jan 2013) Q&A

Q. What comes to your mind when thinking of “Robot”?

YH: Robot that can’t freely do what he wants to do.

JH: Maybe, we?

MH: Robot that just has to follow rules.

JS: Robot that I used to play with as a kid, I think.

Q. What view comes to your mind when thinking of “Christmas”?

YH: Lighting-up, illumination and so on.

JH: My room, and socks.

MH: Snowy city at night where many people come and go.

JS: Downtown where a huge Christmas tree is.

Q. Who has been shining around you?

YH: Family, friends, CNBLUE members, fans.

JH: You and me, and us.

MH: Members.

JS: Members and every Boice.

[Trans] CNBLUE Pati-Pati (2013 Jan) Interview [2/2 - Look Back at the Fruitful Year 2012] 

In 2012, from the first Arena Tour in Japan to individual acting activities in Korea, CNBLUE has been extremely busy not only with music production but also works in a variety of fields. After interview about the upcoming single, let’s see them looking back at this year.

— You have been very busy this year too. What was especially impressive?

YH: Production of “Ear Fun” and Japan 1st album.

MH: Live tour, drama, and all activities were really fun.

JS: It was tough to do Arena Tour and drama filming at the same time. But thanks to that, I feel like I grew up more than before. So I’m glad.

JH: Above all, I was happy that I stood on various stages.

— How was the first Arena Tour in Japan?

YH: Happiness to have tour exceeded pressure.

MH: I had a lot of fun, and it was very meaningful and happy tour.

JS: Arena Tour was a challenge for us. On the last day, a feeling that “I made so much efforts!” and a feeling that I was going to miss the time filled my heart.

JH: Yes! Beyond words!(laugh)

— Then, what do you want to confess to other members before this year ending? (laugh)

YH: Nothing special. (laugh)

MH: I made a lot of jokes of members, but that’s because I like them so much! (laugh)

JS: On the tour, did you three have fun with going to a hot spring without me? I love hot spring, too! Hmph! (laugh)

JH: “Starlit Night” is a song dedicated to all fans!

— What food was the most delicious?

YH: My mother’s cooking that I ate at my family house.

MH: Sushi, Sashimi (sliced raw fish).

JH: Kaiseki Ryouri (Japanese food served at tea ceremony) when visiting hot spring!

JS: As I ate many delicious foods on Arena Tour, I don’t know what to choose. (laugh)

— If you members changed something?

YH: We all got stronger mentally and physically.

MH: I feel we became more handsome than before…? (laugh)

JH: We did become more handsome!

JS: YongHwa’s body and neck got stronger, JongHyun’s skin got whiter, and MinHyuk’s body turned yellow? Like “The Simpson’s”. (laugh)

— What kind of year do you want the next year to be?

YH: I want to have activity much more energetically. I want to make sure to keep promise with fans.

JS: I hope to produce nice works and CNBLUE become much bigger. I personally want to grow up more and more.

JH: It’s not a special goal… but I want the happiness that I feel every day to continue forever. 

MH: I hope it will keep being on the rise!

— Last word.

YH: Thank you for staying together this year, too! Next year too, I will make efforts to be CNBLUE who faces music straight and hard! 

MH: Thank you for watching me this year, too. From now on too, please look forward for CNBLUE’s work and live. It’s a little early, but happy new year. (laugh)

JS: 2012 was a year of full of happiness for us. How was it for you all? Next year, I hope more happiness to come to you and I hope for your good health… I hope for your continuous support for Pati-Pati and CNBLUE!

JH: Otsukare sama deshita (You(/and we) all did well/worked hard) this year. And, thank you! Next year too, I will work hard with gratitude! 

CNBLUE Pati-Pati (2013 Jan) Interview [1/2 - Robot]

After releasing two singles and a full album, CNBLUE concludes their enthusiastic activity in 2012 with upcoming single! As YongHwa told “rock sound of typical Jung YongHwa’s style,” the new song “Robot” is a new style rock tune featuring his unique groove. Inspired by a variety of music, he fused together and made his own “rock.” Let’s see the very first story of this song blazing the trail.

— In the past interview, you told “CNBLUE’s style is to have a variety of ‘colors.’” This new song is also such kind of song.

YH: Yes. “Robot” is a rhythmical song that is added more pop elements into the past pop rock style. The second track “ring” is a sweet-bitter song with Christmas-like mood, meaning keep loving even when you are separated. 

JH: The third track “Starlit Night” is written by me. Through this song, I hope to tell “Thank you” to fans at the end of the year.

— In the contrasting songs, what image did you have while working on the title song “Robot”? 

YH: I wrote “Robot” after we made “Hey You.” I’d say it is rock sound with the typical Jung YongHwa’s style that you can enjoy groove, not only it has rock side. Because not anyone else but I wrote the song, the melody and the style is what JongHyun and I can sing and play the best. 

JH: I appreciated the lyrics and prepared for recording. Because I liked the lyrics of this song especially.

MH: Me too, though this is a pleasant song making our body move, but I really understood the lyrics.

JS: Yes. Probably because I knew YongHwa’s feeling when he had thought of the theme of “robot,” his feelings and message comes across strongly, I think.

— Yes. Although your past works have various messages, I’m impressed that “Robot” has serious expressions that is different from the others.

YH: Surely, you could feel a little stronger impression from “Robot” than the past songs. This lyrics describes most people’s reality that they can’t do what they want arbitrarily… Our job is one of them, right? Most songs that we released before have messages like “Positive! Go for it!”, but this lyric describes feeling of “I have no choice” as well. So, this song can be a sad song in a way.

JH: Yes. I really understood it as if it was about me.

MH: So, this may be our story, or not. But, I was persuaded by the lyrics, too.

JS: I think we can think of various things from this “Robot” lyrics. Like our reality that we cannot oppose or help but following anyone else’s opinion… I’d say through this song, we can think of the our aspect that we dislike the most, and that is meaningful.

— I see. Listeners can see their “reality” in the song and think of various things…

YH: Yes. Through this song, I hoped you to accept your aspect that you dislike the most and to think of yourself again. Everyone has his/her own pace and style. What he/she wants to do differs. However, they are bound by rules and can’t do as they like. Even in that situation, I want them not to forget a sense of themselves. This is my message that I put in this song.

— “Robot” is such a serious message song. On the contrary, the warm tone color that “ring” has is impressive. 

JH: Yes. We can sense YongHwa’s soft aspect.

MH: I thought this song has Christmas song feeling from the first impression. I attempted to play simply, so that the song can convey pure feeling. Through this song, I feel that YongHwa got wider spectrum of music.

JS: Yes. I want to listen when it’s snowing! I’m glad that this taste of song is added in our music.

YH: “Ring” describes a story that a man and a woman love each other but they are in a situation that they can’t be together. But, it’s not breaking up… Some people say if they are not around each other, they will be separated emotionally, too. But I don’t believe so. In the chorus, I attempted to draw feeling that he/she wants to see the dearest person positively. I put the feeling that “I want to see you soon, I want you to come to me soon” in this song.

— “Starlit Night” is written and composed by JongHyun. It’s a warm feeling song featuring an acoustic sound. 

JH: In this song, I wanted to express our feelings, gratitude and affection to fans who always believe and watch us, beside us. In the real sense, this is “our song.”

MH: This is a very quiet song. Rather than we let them see or hear… I felt like to sing with everyone together.

— Your real feelings such as gratitude and affection are in the song. If you sing with everyone together at live concert, the atmosphere will be quite warm. 

JH: Yes. This song is the one we made for live concert and we devoted to fans, literally. We worked on it with imagining everyone singing unitedly. 

JS: As for the music, I thought it had a similar feeling to “ Ver.2” in JongHyun’s recorder. If everyone sang together at live, I’d shed happy tears.

YH: Yes. I want to sing with everyone together at the next live!